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Tips To Be Prepared For A Plumbing Emergency

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A plumbing crisis can strike any building, and when this type of problem arises, it is critical for you to be knowledgeable about how to proceed. Unfortunately, there are some routine mistakes that people make that can cause a plumbing emergency to be more damaging than necessary. If you are unsure of how you should handle a plumbing emergency when it arises, the following tips can help make sure that you are as prepared as possible for these events. 

Know Where The Shut Off Valves Are Located

One of the most important steps at managing a plumbing emergency is often to shut off the supply of water to the damaged part of the system. Unfortunately, there are many homeowners that are unsure of where the shutoff valves are located. This can force them to spend precious minutes attempting to find this device, and considering the sizable amount of water that can be sprayed from the damaged part of the system, every minute counts. 

You should go through your home and determine the exact position of the shutoff valve for every fixture and the primary control valves for the home. At least once a year, you should test these valves to make sure that they are easily turned to avoid being unable to turn off the water due to a faulty valve. 

Keep A Cleanup Kit Ready At All Times

In addition to stopping the flow of water, it is also necessary to be prepared to clean the water as quickly as possible. Excessive moisture can ruin your floors if it is not cleaned soon. To be prepared for this, you should create a plumbing cleanup emergency kit that contains numerous towels, disinfectants, floor cleaners and any other items that you feel may be helpful when cleaning up large amounts of water. 

It should be noted that these kits may not replace the type of restoration work that a professional water damage repair specialist can provide. However, taking steps to clean the water as quickly as possible may greatly reduce the amount of damage that occurs while you wait for these professionals to arrive. 

Knowing how to address a plumbing emergency is a vital task that any homeowner should have an understanding about. Yet, you may not be familiar with handling these situations because you may not have encountered one. To make sure that you are as prepared as possible for a plumbing emergency, you should make sure that you understand the location of the shutoff valves for your plumbing fixtures and have a cleanup kit ready to minimize the risk of these incidents causing needlessly severe damage to the home. It is also helpful to know the number of an emergency plumber