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Five Good Reasons To Use Hydro Excavating

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If you're in the business of laying underground pipes, repairing such pipes, landscaping or setting poles, you know that there is a virtual city of utility pipes, communication wires and water mains underneath the surface of all but the most remote areas. Accessing the ground for such jobs without damaging the existing infrastructure can be tricky. That's where hydro excavating can help.

What is hydro excavating?

Hydro excavating is a process where pressurized water and a high-powered vacuum are used to create a hole in the ground as opposed to the traditional method of digging with a backhoe or similar equipment. The water loosens the soil and the vacuum extracts it before it has an opportunity to harden. This excavation process has a wide number of applications, everything from clearing space for underground pipes to planting trees to excavating back yards for septic tank installation.

Benefits of using hydro excavating

1. Increased productivity. While hydro excavating is generally more expensive than traditional excavating, much of the extra cost is off-set by the increased efficiency of this process. In general, you'll require fewer workers and less time for the excavation using hydro excavation than you would need using traditional methods.

2. Versatility. The hydro excavating process is suitable for digging in all types of soil. It can be even used to remove frozen ground.

3. Enhanced safety. Hydro excavating isn't just quicker and more versatile, but it helps prevent workers from accidentally severing a natural gas line or other utility conduit. Enhanced safety also helps save money since you'll likely have fewer workers' compensation claims.

4.Less traffic congestion. Another major benefit to using hydro excavating is that it reduces the amount of equipment needed at the job site. Since the hydro excavating tank is self-contained and can simply arrive and do its job, you won't have your site cluttered with backhoes and dump trunks going back and forth to the landfill.

5. Less soil disturbance. Hydro excavating is a delicate and precise process that results in much less soil disturbance than you'd have with manual digging or using a backhoe. This is especially beneficial for landscaping and can give trees a better chance of thriving quickly.

While hydro excavating may not be the right solution for every contractor and landscaping firm, this process is very efficient, safer than more traditional excavation methods and extremely versatile. If your landscaping or construction company has never used hydro excavating, it's definitely worth considering.