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8 Tips For Maintaining Your Sprinkler System

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Your sprinkler system needs regular maintenance to keep it properly functioning. Without regular inspections of the system, you could have a costly leak and not realize it. Here are several steps you can take to maintain your sprinkler system. 

  1. Clean the spray heads to remove dirt. Clogged spray heads are detrimental to the performance of the sprinkler. Remove each spray head by unscrewing it while the water is off. Once it is removed, rinse the spray head and filter with water. Screw the head back on when finished.
  2. Check for leaks. Leaks cannot only lead to higher water bills, but they can also leave puddles throughout your yard, which can be damaging to some types of greenery. Walk your property and look for signs of a leak, such as pools of water. 
  3. Adjust the spray heads. Ideally, spray heads should be directed at your lawn rather than the sidewalk and driveway. If the spray heads are pointing the wrong direction, adjust them until they are in the correct position. 
  4. Re-evaluate the spray patterns each season. As the seasons change, the amount of water that is needed in each zone of your yard can also change. To avoid under- or over-watering areas, reassess the needs of each zone each season and adjust the system accordingly. 
  5. Clear the water lines during winter. With the drop in temperatures caused by winter, any water left inside the pipes can freeze, which can cause the sprinkler system's water lines to burst. To avoid a costly repair later, use an air compressor to completely blow out all of the water in the lines. 
  6. Check for obstructions. Obstructions, such as shrubs and lawn furniture, can prevent the free flow of water from the sprinkler system to its intended destination. To effectively use the water, make sure there are no obstructions near the heads. 
  7. Add a rain sensor to your system. A rain sensor works by keeping track of the amount of rainfall in your yard. When the rainfall reaches a certain level, the sprinkler system is suspended to avoid overspraying. You can find a sensor at a local home improvement store. 
  8. Pay attention to the water pressure. If you notice that the sprinkler system has decreased pressure, it is possible that there is a leak or clog causing the issue. If you cannot find the source, seek professional help. 

Work with a plumber from a company like Fissure Extrême & Fondation to identify other maintenance steps you can take between service calls to keep your sprinkler system running at its best.