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Tips For Preventing Issues With Your Business's Toilets

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The toilets in your business will be subjected to intense usage over the course of a day. Unfortunately, toilet problems can be extremely disruptive for both your workers and customers. Furthermore, it can be possible for these issues to cause serious damage to the property. Yet, there are several steps that you will be able to use to help prevent your enterprise from experiencing toilet disruptions.

Opt For High Capacity Toilets

Clogs are likely to be one of the more common problems that a toilet will suffer. In addition to being extremely disruptive, removing these clogs can be extremely unpleasant. You will be able to greatly avoid the potential of this problem occurring by opting to have high capacity toilets installed. While these toilets will have a higher cost than standard capacity toilets, their resistance to clogging can make choosing to pay this higher cost a reasonable choice.

Use Urinal Mats

If your business's restrooms have urinals, it is an unfortunate reality that some people will put items into the urinal that do not belong there. If these items make it down the drain, they can cause serious clogs. In fact, these clogs can be severe enough to require professionals to repair. Luckily, simply placing urinal mats in the toilet can help to greatly reduce this risk. Additionally, you will be able to opt for scented urinal mats, and these can greatly reduce the smell from the urinal.

Check For Leaks

It can be possible for the toilets in your business to be used dozens of times each day. This intense use can place tremendous wear on the seals of the toilet. As these seals suffer wear and tear, they will be less able to prevent water from seeping out. The water from these leaks can cause major damage to the floor and walls of your bathroom. Each day, you should check the around the handles and the floor around the toilet for signs of water. When this problem is found, you will want to hire a plumber to inspect the toilets to verify that a leak is present and complete the needed repairs.

Preventing routine issues from causing serious problems for your business's toilets can be important for minimizing disruptions and discomforts for customers and workers. Understanding the benefits of installing high capacity toilets, installing urinal mats, and checking each toilet for signs of leaks will prevent some of the more frequent toilet issues from striking your business.

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