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3 Tips For Maintaining Your HVAC System

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Your HVAC system may run well right now, but ignoring maintenance can cause the system to prematurely break down. Be sure to do these 3 things to keep your system running smoothly.

Get An Inspection Before Winter

If the HVAC system breaks down during the summer, you are not completely out of luck. You have options for cooling down your home during the summer, such as opening windows or running the air conditioning. However, winter problems mean you need to bring in additional equipment, like space heaters, to warm your home. This is why having the HVAC system inspected before the winter starts is a good idea.

A professional inspection will involve checking on key parts that are needed to keep the unit running. For instance, the furnace's pilot light will be inspected to make sure the flame is burning blue. Air filters will also be replaced if it is time to do so.

Look For Leaks

The HVAC system will become inefficient if there are leaks in the ductwork, which wastes energy to keep your home cool or warm. The components also work harder than necessary, which puts more wear and tear on the equipment. You can lose 30% of the system's airflow through ductwork leaks, so it is worth looking out for them from time to time. Leaks can be sealed with HVAC tape with a metal backing.

Leaks can also originate from your windows, having a similar effect of causing wear and tear and wasting energy. Take some time to go around your home and check widows for drafts, and fix them if necessary. Sealing drafts will keep all the hot or cool air in your home rather than cause it to leak out.

Program The Thermostat

Do you actively program the thermostat in your home to reduce energy use during the times you are not home? A common mistake with homeowners is setting the temperature where they want it and never changing it. This is another way that HVAC systems become inefficient due to heating or cooling a home with nobody in it.

If you don't like programming your thermostat then purchase a smart thermostat that learns your schedule. It uses a motion sensor to learn when you're not home, and adjusts the schedule accordingly.

These are just a few tips for maintaining your HVAC system. For more tips, speak to a local HVAC technician or visit websites like