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Problems With Your Water Heater? How To Tell If You Need A New One

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If you recently purchased an existing home, there are some things that you might not know about it. For instance, unless the previous owners divulged every piece of information about the home, you might not know the condition of your water heater. Unfortunately, that lack of information could leave you with a water heater problem later on. Luckily, if you do some homework, and study your water heater, it will tell you when it's in need of some tender-loving-care, and a service call. Here are four signs that might be a cry for help from your water heater.

It's Talking to You

If your water heater is talking to you, it's probably trying to tell you that it needs help. You see, water heaters usually won't make noises unless there's a problem. Some of the noises you might hear when there's a problem include hissing, and clanging. Hissing If your water heater is hissing, it's telling you that there's a pressure problem inside the tank. With the worst case scenario, hissing is a warning that your water heater is building up pressure inside the tank, and is about to burst. If you hear hissing, call the repair technician as soon as possible. Clanging If you have hard water in your home, your water heater could be filling with calcium deposits. Over time, those deposits can get quite big. Once they get too big, they break away from the sides of the tank, and begin bouncing around inside. The clanging sound coming from your water heater is the sound of the calcium deposits banging up against the inside of the tank. It's time for a service call.

Your Hot Shower Turns Cold

If your hot shower turns cold before you're done, you've got a problem with your water heater. This is particularly true if you're only taking a five minute shower. That means your water heater is only giving you about 2 ½ minutes of hot water. Before you call the service technician, check the temperature on your water heater. If it's too low, turn it up a bit. If its at the proper setting, you'll need to have your water heater looked at.

You've Got a Puddle

Your water heater is a self-contained unit. That means you shouldn't see any water on the outside of the tank. If you do see water, it means you've got a leak somewhere. If you're seeing water on the outside of your water heater, contact a service technician as soon as possible, especially if you see a puddle under the tank. It might be about to rupture.

If you're having trouble with your water heater, and any of the signs described above seem familiar, it's time to call a plumber. You might need a new water heater.