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Three Ways To Eliminate Water Hammers

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Water hammers are a common plumbing problem in which your pipes produce an extremely loud banging or clanging sound as water moves around within them. Besides being a disruptive and annoying nuisance throughout the day, water hammers can actually greatly increase the amount of stress being put on your pipes and make certain plumbing issues like burst pipes much more likely. Thankfully, there are a number of things that you can do to eliminate water hammers before they turn into more serious plumbing problems.

Remove Air

Water hammers are most often caused by air bubbles within your pipes. In order to eliminate them then, you can remove all the air from your plumbing. You do this by turning the main water supply to your house off (usually by simply turning the valve clockwise). Once that's done, you should open the faucets at both the highest point and lowest point in your house. Water should then begin to drain out of your pipes, flowing out of the bottom most faucet. Once the water has stopped draining, close the faucets and turn your water supply back on.

Check the Pipes

Sometimes, water hammers can be caused simply by pipes that have come loose from their support brackets. Check all the exposed piping in your home to see if any pipes have come out of their brackets, and if they have, you can fix them by simply using a drill and screws to reattach the bracket to the nearest wall or support. Avoid drilling into the holes that previously held the pipes in place, as old screw holes will not provide the most secure hold possible.

Install a Pressure Valve

If draining the air from your plumbing didn't alleviate your water hammer problems and all of your pipes seem to be properly secured, you may want to consider contacting a professional plumber. While a professional will be able to examine your home's system and give you specific advice based on your situation, in general having a pressure valve installed on your home's plumbing system should eliminate your water hammer problem. Pressure valves are installed on the water main that provides water to your home, and they regulate the water pressure within your home. Be sure to ask your plumber what an acceptable pressure setting (usually measured in pounds per square inch or PSI) for your home and plumbing system is, and ensure that your pressure valve is set to that value.

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