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Have Toddlers In Your Home? 3 Ways To Prevent Kid-Related Plumbing Emergencies

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If you've got little one's it's just a matter of time before a plumbing emergency occurs and you need to call a plumbing service. Kids are notorious for causing plumbing problems, especially once they find out that there's water in the toilet, or that the drain makes things disappear. Here are a few strategies you should employ to prevent plumbing emergencies involving your kids.

Lock the Toilet

When it comes to protecting your plumbing, the first place you should start is the toilet. As stated earlier, little one's love the idea that there's water in them. Even if they're too young to understand what water is, or that the water in the toilet is dirty, your kids are going to want to splash around. They might even stuff toys in the toilet and flush them down.

To prevent watery messes, contaminated baby hands, and clogged toilets, you'll need to take a couple steps to keep your little one out of the toilet. First, install a toilet seat lock. This will allow you to lift the lid, but will keep your little one out. Next, you need to install a flush lock, which will prevent your little one from flushing the toilet. That way, even if your little one is able to toss something into the toilet, they won't be able to flush it.

Use Drain Screens

Once your little one is big enough to reach the tub, or climb up to the sink, your drains will become a magnet for toothbrushes, hair clips, cotton balls, and a wide variety of other items that can cause some serious clogs. The easiest way to prevent those types of clogs is to place screens and covers over each drain. The screens and covers will stop your little one from shoving things down the drains, but won't prevent you from using your sinks and tubs. If you have glass enclosures for your tubs, it's a good idea to keep them closed. This will make it more difficult for your little one to gain access to the drain. If you have a step stool in the bathroom, keep it stored under the sink, so your little one can only access it with adult supervision.

Do Your Own Part

You might not realize this, but there are some things related to baby care that might be causing you to put your plumbing at risk. If you're flushing baby wipes, or tissues down the toilet, you could be increasing your risk for clogged toilets. To stop yourself from flushing these items down the toilet, always keep a small waste basket in the bathroom, and next to the changing table.

Now that you have a toddler, it's time to childproof your plumbing. Use the methods described here to prevent kid-related plumbing emergencies.