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Healthy Cleaning Guidelines When Renting Porta Potties For A Concert Festival

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Concert festivals are often a major financial boon for a city but can be a very messy situation. Renting porta potties is typically required for the whole event. Those who are renting these toilets for a concert event need to clean the regularly to ensure that concertgoers don't get sick.

Porta Potties Fill Up At Various Rates

It can be hard to gauge how quickly porta potties fill up at events. In small events with a crowd of about 50, no more than three or so should be necessary. However, it may be necessary to rent up to 10 porta potties for very large events. A concert festival is likely to have thousands of attendees who need to use the toilet at various times throughout the day.

All of this use can cause porta potties to fill up rather quickly. Even if they don't fill up, the chance of an accident (such as urine or fecal matter on the floor) is increased. Unfortunately, this heavy use can cause an increased risk of serious disease infection that could put the lives of concertgoers at risk.

This Use Can Cause Some Diseases

While the proper maintenance and care of porta potties makes them safe enough to use for days at a time, they can be a hot-bed of dangerous diseases if these procedures are not taken. This fact is especially true for large events. As porta potties fill up and multiple people use them, waste is more likely to spill or end up contaminating the area.

As a result, people at a concert event can end up with norovirus, salmonella, shigellosis, and even hepatitis A. As a result, promoters who don't take proper steps to clean their porta potties could be putting the health and well-being of their attendees at risk.

Cleaning Avoids This Problem

During a large concert event, it is important to check porta potties regularly to ensure they aren't filled up or dirty. A good schedule depends on the size of the event. Generally, it is good to check them at least once every 3-6 hours to ensure they are in great shape. Then, it is necessary to clean them at the end of the day and empty them when necessary.

Cleaning a porta potty is as simple was wiping down the surfaces with antibiotic cleaners and scrubbing it with soap. Emptying it requires contacting the porta potty supply and asking them to clean out the toilets. It isn't a bad idea to clean them up at the beginning or the end of every day of the event. In this way, the contamination risk is minimized as much as possible.

Following these guidelines is essential whenever someone hosts any large event. A good porta potty company can help their clients better understand these risks and take steps to minimize the risk of infection.