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What's That Smell? 3 Odors That Point To A Leak In Your Plumbing

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When you've got a leak in the house, it can be difficult to find the source of the problem, especially when it's hidden. Leaky faucets or toilets are easy to identify since they're accompanied by a visible drip, or the sound of running water. However, other leaks aren't so easy to locate. Occasionally the first hint of a hidden leak will be the escalating water bill you receive. However, there will be other times when a faint odor will provide you with the evidence you need to identify a leaky pipe. If you suspect that you've got a leak in the house, but you haven't found the culprit yet, let your nose lead the way. Here are three odors you might encounter if you've got a leak in the house.

Fresh Water Odor

If you've got a fresh leak that hasn't started to do much damage, you might start encountering a fresh water odor. You might be thinking that water doesn't have an odor, and you're technically right. However, for the purposes of identifying a hidden leak, think about the fresh odor that comes from the bathtub right after you fill it. Or, the odor of your shower in the morning. If your home is starting to smell like someone is taking a bath or shower, but no water is running, you've probably got a new leak somewhere.

Wet Wood Odor

The odor of wet wood is the next odor you might encounter when you have a hidden leak in your home. This type of odor smells like an old wooden fence after a rain storm. In most cases, you'll start encountering this type of odor once a leak has begun to saturate the wood somewhere in your home, either under the sink, or deep inside the walls, especially around the studs. If you're smelling wet wood in your home on a regular basis, it's time to have a plumber come out and check for leaks.

Mold or Mildew Odor

The final odor you'll detect when you've got a hidden leak is mold or mildew. This is a more dangerous odor to encounter if you've got a hidden leak. First, it signifies that the leak has been going on long enough to create mold or mildew growth, which means you've probably got some serious damage. Second, it means you've got mold growing in your home, which can be harmful to your health. If you've encountered a moldy odor in your home, you need to have your plumber, such as from Quality Plumbing, come out and conduct an immediate inspection for leaks.