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These 3 Rooms Are Notorious For Drain Issues

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Three main rooms in the house are highly susceptible to drain clogging – the kitchen, bathroom, and toilet. Here are a few tips on how to prevent drain clogging in those rooms.

1. The Bathroom

Most of the bathroom debris that causes clogging ends up being hair – both human and pet hair. Shampooing a pet, for example, produces considerable air that mix with soap and other gunk to clog the drain pipes. The best way to prevent hair-related clogging is to install a hair strainer or trap in the bathroom so that it traps pet or human hair, which you then remove and dispose of elsewhere.

Don't Clean Items in the Shower

Bathroom drains aren't meant for handling big particles. Unfortunately, cleaning things in the bathroom can send big items or particle debris down the drain and cause clogging. For example, cleaning toys in the bathroom can cause problems when buttons, broken pieces, or even collected dirt end up in the drain. Another example is cleaning construction tools in the bathroom, which may send construction waste such as cement, down the drain and clog it.

Empty Mop Buckets Elsewhere

A typical mop bucket collects various forms of debris that may also clog your drain. Therefore, if you have been emptying your mop buckets in the bathroom, try emptying them elsewhere (say outside?) and hopefully the issue of closing will disappear.

2. The Kitchen

The kitchen is another room that experiences common drain clogging due to the nature and amount of debris it handles. Here are the tips to prevent the kitchen drains from clogging:

Collect Food Waste

It is very tempting to discard food wastes in the kitchen or dispose of them in the waste disposal that also sends them down the drain. Both habits are dangerous for your drains because the bits of food may coalesce within the drains and clog them.

Don't Empty Grease in the Sink

Grease, fats, and oils are bad for your kitchen drains, even if they look soft. Don't dispose of these items in the kitchen sink even when they are in their liquid form. The fats, grease, and oil will collect and solidify within the drains, causing clogging.

3. The Toilet

This is another room that you should be worried about because even a little clogging can make your house inhospitable. The most effective way to prevent toilet clogging is to ensure that only human waste and paper that readily dissolves goes down the toilet. All other items, such as feminine hygiene products, diaper, and dental floss should be discarded elsewhere because they will clog the toilet.

For more information, contact your local plumber.