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Reasons To Upgrade Your Home's Plumbing

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While it may seem like the plumbing within your home will last a lifetime, it is possible for it to break down and need to be replaced just like other parts of your home. The problem with plumbing installation is if you wait too long, the pipes could burst and cause a big mess that causes water damage. That's why it helps to know the reasons to upgrade your home's plumbing to a new material.

The Pipes Are Old

The first way to tell if it's time for a plumbing upgrade is by knowing the age of the pipes. You may not have been in the home since it was constructed, but you should be able to tell if the pipes within the home are the original ones or pipes that were replaced at some point. Be concerned if you still have original pipes in a very old home. Pipes that are old and corroded have the chance of bursting or leaking. Look out for any indication that the pipes have corrosion on them or an exterior that is flaking.

The Pipes Cause Discolored Water

Another reason to be concerned about your plumbing is if the color of the water looks discolored. If it has a brownish tint to it, that means that the rust from inside the pipe if affecting the quality of the water; this can happen with older galvanized plumbing that rusts from inside the pipe where you cannot see it.

The Pipes Lack Water Pressure

Another problem with galvanized plumbing is that all the rust inside the pipe can restrict the flow of water. This is much more likely to happen on the hot water pipes than the cold water pipes since the rust will continue to grow within the pipe and make the path for water to travel very narrow. This can cause the faucets in your home to take a long time to get up to a comfortable temperature, causing you to waste water as a result.

The Pipes Burst In The Winter

If the exposed pipes frequently burst due to low temperatures in the winter, changing the material to a plastic pipe known as PEX could be an excellent upgrade. PEX does not crack when water freezes inside it, making it less likely that you'll experience a pipe burst in the future. The pipe is also flexible, which requires fewer connections and a lower chance of leaks happening