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How To Prevent Hair From Going Down The Drains

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One problem that can easily cause clogs in your home is hair. Once it finds its way down your drains, it becomes tangled and causes water-stopping clogs. By taking action to prevent this from happening, your drains will remain clear and you won't have to hire a plumber to unclog them

Use Drain Filters

The easiest thing you can do is head to your local home improvement store and purchase drain filters. There are several types, with some acting like a strainer that is recessed in the drain, while others have a mesh cover that sits flat over the drain. These allow you to easily collect the stray hair and throw it away in the trash. It's a simple product that can go a long way in preventing drain clogs.

Pull the Hair Out

A drain filter won't be perfect, since it's possible that some hair still sneaks its way into the drain over time. One technique that can work for drain blockage cleaning is to pull the hair out. Try using the bent end of wire hanger to see if that does the trick, since you can use it to hook itself around hair that has become tangled. The other option is to use a Velcro pad snake. As the name implies, it's a square Velcro pad that is attached to a bendable wire. You stick it in the drain while slowly rotating it, and it should attach itself to all of the hair that is stuck inside. Pull it out, clean off the Velcro pad, and keep repeating until the drain is flowing smoothly again.

Brush Before Showering

You can severely limit the amount of loose hairs that go into your drains by brushing before showering. It will trap those hairs in the brush rather than have them fall out when you start to wash your hair. It can also make it easier to wash your hair because it will not be tangled.

That said, you should still avoid brushing over a sink. Having all those hairs fall into the sink is just going to cause a clog in another spot. Be sure to clean out your hairbrush regularly, or just brush over the bathroom floor and sweep it up later.

These are just a few tips for keeping your hair away from the drains. If you have a tough clog, reach out to a local plumber that can help clear it for you.