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Reasons To Use A Sewer Camera

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There are many creative uses for cameras, but one you may not have thought of is fishing one into your drains. As odd as it may seem, a sewer camera can be a very helpful tool in diagnosing plumbing problems.  Here are a few reasons why your plumber may choose to use a sewer camera.

Determine The Type Of Pipes You Have

Those pipes leading out to your sewer were buried underground well before you bought your house. Unfortunately, that means you have no idea what the pipes are made out of.  If you were curious if you are dealing with ceramic drain tiles, cast iron, or PVC plumbing, a sewer camera can give you the answer.

Determine If Tree Roots Are A Problem

When you have ceramic drain tiles going to the sewer, a common problem you can run into is tree roots that are blocking the path of the water.  A plumber will determine if tree roots are actually the problem by using a camera to look for them. If so, they will know that they need to snake out the drain to clear the tree roots.

Determine If The Pipe Has Collapsed

If you have plumbing that is backing up into your home, it's important to figure out if it is just a clog or a collapsed sewer pipe.  A sewer camera is used to travel as far as possible into the pipe to see if it has collapsed. If the pipe just has a clog, the camera can save you thousands of dollars that would be spent excavating your backyard to reach a pipe that is in good condition.  

Determine If An Object Is Clogging The Pipe

Sometimes items can go down the drain that cause a big clog, and using a plunger is not going to clear it.  A camera will look for what is in the path of the pipe, and use a special retrieval tool to fetch the item. This can be great for if you think a child has flushed a small toy down a toilet and are wondering if that is causing your plumbing problems.

Determine If A Joint Has Become Disconnected

Sometimes a drain moves slowly because a joint has become disconnected from a pipe.  This does not cause the pipe to collapse, but shift enough to limit the flow of water. It can help a plumber know if the pipe needs to be reconnected to get water flowing again

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