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Why You Need A Plumber To Install A Basement Bathroom

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If you have turned your basement into extra living space, you may want to consider adding a bathroom to the area. This will save everyone from having to stop what they are doing and go upstairs when the need hits. Besides, an extra bathroom is always handy and can increase your property value. However, even if you are experienced and skilled at home improvements, there are going to be special considerations when dealing with plumbing underground. It is always best to contact a licensed professional to help so everything works properly.


The ideal place to have the bathroom installed is directly under the bathroom on the upper floor. This will allow the new pipes to connect to the current ones which is especially important when it comes to the drain. If you cannot place the new bathroom under an existing one you are going to need to do some serious excavating, digging up the basement floor. However, if you have a washing machine down there that is not under a bathroom, you might be able to connect to that drain.

Drainage Issues

Even if you have the perfect place for the new facilities, you might find you cannot get a good slope with the existing plumbing. You may need to dig up the floor, after all, to ensure that the drains can slope downward enough to have gravity pulling the waste down and out. You may be able to use a special toilet to help with the problem. this could be a pressure-assisted one or one that flushes upward. A plumber can look over everything and help you make the best decision for your situation.

Tub or Shower

While you might be thinking of a simple room with a toilet and sink, you may want to consider adding a tub or shower if you have space. this will give you an additional one if you have guests and also provide a spare one for when you need to clean things you really do not want to put in your regular tub or shower. You can always use harsher chemicals to get it clean if needed. Once you have solved any drainage problems for a sink and toilet, adding in a tub or shower is not big deal.

The next time you are down in the basement exercising or doing whatever the room was built for, take a look around and see where a bathroom might fit. Then consider how nice it would be to keep everyone from traipsing through the house all the time. Go ahead, call a plumber and get things started.

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