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3 Tips To Prevent Unpleasant Odors From Your Kitchen Drains

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If there are unpleasant odors in your kitchen, those odors can be a major turn-off. After all, unpleasant kitchen odors can make it unpleasant for you to work in your kitchen, and it probably does not do much to help your appetite. There are various things that can cause unpleasant smells in your kitchen, such as failing to throw away old produce in a timely manner or failing to take the garbage out frequently enough. You should also be aware of the odors that can become a problem in your kitchen drains. These are some of the ways that you can prevent unpleasant odors from developing in your kitchen drains.

1. Have Your Drains Cleaned Regularly

One mistake that a lot of homeowners make is failing to have their household drains cleaned frequently enough. It's smart to work with a drain cleaning service at least once per year, although you might need to hire a drain cleaning service a little more often, particularly if you notice that your sink has an unpleasant smell or if you do a lot of cooking.

2. Rinse Out Your Sink and Drain Often

Each time that you use your sink, you should make sure that you rinse it out thoroughly. This will help you wash away any unpleasant odors and will help you keep your kitchen sink clean and sanitary. From time to time, you can squirt a small amount of dish soap in your drain and wash it away with warm water. Some people also like to use a mixture of baking soda and vinegar to clean their kitchen drains, which is another option that you can use in-between professional drain cleanings.

3. Be Careful About What You Pour Down the Drain

Of course, you should also be careful about what you pour down your drain. Not only will this help you prevent unpleasant odors, but it can also help you prevent plumbing clogs and other issues. For example, you shouldn't pour grease or fat down your drain. Instead, you should dispose of it in a sealed container or bag. You should also be careful about any food particles and other debris that end up in your sink, particularly if you do not have a garbage disposal in place.

Unpleasant odors are a common problem that many people experience with their kitchen drains. If you want to prevent these unpleasant smells, follow the three tips above. You can also ask your drain cleaning professional or plumber for additional advice about preventing smells and taking care of your drains.