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Plumbing Leaks May Be Caused By These Hidden Issues In Your Plumbing System

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Encountering an unexpected plumbing issue can frustrate or cause panic in individuals who experience them. Sometimes damages can occur if the issues involve water entering dwelling spaces. Some property owners do not realize that many plumbing problems are avoidable. Due to the possibility of significant damages occurring, many plumbing issues need to get referred to an emergency plumbing services company.

Know Your Pipes

A plumber can identify this for you if you think it is too complicated. They can offer advice about what to look for if there are issues with your pipe material type in the future. Polybutylene pipes are made from a special type of plastic. They can last for many years, but if your home is older, it might be a wise decision to consider replacing this material. As this material ages, the plastic becomes brittle due to deterioration. Cracks will eventually occur and if ignored, cause a water leak. You may find galvanized pipes in older homes. These types of pipes may rust over time. If so, your water will probably have a brownish tint. You may also notice rust rings. The longer these pipes rust, the less safe they are. They can impact drinking water quality and deteriorate due to the rust. Other pipes may have recall issues that the manufacturer has decided to recall for reported defects from consumers.

Buildup of Substances

Many things can get trapped within plumbing systems and cause issues. Some of these are caused by homeowner neglect such as flushing items that should not get flushed. They can get trapped in drains and buildup in them. Hair and grease are common culprits. Calcium can also form in your pipes if you have hard water. A mineral that can also cause problems in plumbing systems is iron, which can combine with galvanized pipes and cause leaks. Installing a water softener can help this issue. Drain cleaning services can remove trapped substances from your system.

Water Heater Issues

Water puddles should not frequently be present near your water heater. It is likely a sign that the unit is failing. Components within the water heater may malfunction and cause this issue. If your water heater is not old, a plumber may suggest replacing the faulty parts. 

A 24/7 plumber can be used as a resource to determine whether your plumbing issue requires immediate attention. They also give you instructions on what to do while you await their arrival. For example, a washing machine that overflows and spews water may need to get unplugged to prevent continuous leakage. Turning off the water supply to the whole house is also an option.