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Block Party? You Should Rent Portable Toilets

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Block parties are some of the best parts of summer. You get to gather with the neighbors, meet new people, talk about community events, and enjoy some delicious food together. One thing that you might not remember to plan for, however, is how everyone will use the bathroom. In most cases, renting portable toilets is a smart move. Here's a closer look.

Why portable toilets work really well for block parties.

Sure, everyone who is attending your block party should live nearby and could walk back to their home to use the bathroom if needed. But this can be an inconvenience. Who wants to leave the party for a half-hour just to use the toilet? Another alternative would be for those closest to the actual spot where the block party is being held to open their bathroom for all attendees to use. However, this could lead to some concerns about security. No one wants to spend the whole party locking and unlocking your back door for people.

A portable toilet lets you escape all of these issues. Nobody has to leave the party to use the facilities, and nobody has to trust strangers in their home. Everyone can relax and have a good time at the block party.

Tips for renting portable toilets for your block party.

So how do you ensure the toilet rental process goes smoothly? Here are a few pieces of advice:

  • Rent enough toilets for all the attendees to keep the lines from growing too long.
  • Ask attendees to throw in a couple of dollars each to cover the cost of the toilet rental.
  • Book your toilets well in advance. Toilet rental companies are busy in the summer months.

Once you have the toilets reserved, make sure you choose a good spot to place them. You want them pretty far away from where people will be eating; nobody wants to catch a whiff of porta-potty smell while enjoying a barbecue. Put up some signs pointing people towards the toilets, too, and make sure you include a handwashing station so people can stay sanitary. You can either rent a handwashing station or make one yourself.

Renting toilets is a simple way to make your block party a more enjoyable experience for everyone. Reach out to a rental company near you to learn more. They can give you more advice as to how many toilets you should rent and where to place them.

To learn more, contact a portable toilet rental company.