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Dealing With Your Winter Plumbing Problems Before Damage Gets Out Of Control

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When winter temperatures drop, it can cause issues with your household plumbing. Sometimes, these problems are minor, but some of them can cause serious damage to your home. There will be some work to do to deal with your plumbing problems during winter weather. The following winter plumbing problems are issues that a plumber can help you deal with:

Issues With Water Heaters and Radiant Heating

The mechanical systems in your home are some of the areas that can be seriously affected by plumbing problems. If you have a radiant heating system, the plumbing issues can also affect the heat in your home. You may have to purge the radiators and perform other maintenance. A plumber can help with repairs to the lines of the heating system and connections to radiators. The water heater can also be affected and may need repairs during winter weather, which is something a licensed plumber can help you with.

Burst Pipes That Can Cause Severe Water Damage

The biggest plumbing problem that you may face this winter is a burst pipe. This happens when temperatures dip below freezing. You can prevent these problems by protecting your plumbing from cold air. This can be done by insulating pipes and areas where your plumbing is exposed. When you have to have burst pipes repaired, ask the plumber about moving lines to where they will be less likely to cause damage.

Issues With the Meter and Water Main Line

The meter of your water service can also be affected by issues due to freezing temperatures. Cold air can cause exposed water meters to freeze and stop water from flowing to your home. It can also cause damage to components inside the meter or damage to the main water line that carries water to your home. Therefore, it is good to monitor water use during the winter months to catch these problems before they become costly.

Issues With Drain Lines and Septic Systems

If you have a home on a septic system, the cold temperature can also cause tank and drain field issues. Therefore, you may need to have the septic tank pumped and check the plumbing of the system for problems. In addition, drain lines can also be affected by cold temperatures. Cold air can cause blockages that clog lines. You may need a plumber to help clear the lines when problems back up into your home.

Problems with your plumbing can cause serious damage to your home if they are left unaddressed. Call a plumber for help repairing these issues before they cause severe damage.