Keeping Those Drains On Point

Getting That Ring Out of Your Bathroom Drain

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You removed your ring and placed it on the edge of the bathroom sink to wash your hands. It only took a second for your sleeve to brush it off into the sink. Before you could stop it, the ring went down the drain. You could call a plumber to get the ring out of the drain, but with a few simple tools, you can get it out yourself. Here is how to take apart the drain to find your ring, or any item you drop into the sink. Read More»

Toilet Got A Stubborn Clog? Here's The Right Way To Use A Plunger Effectively

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You have a clogged toilet, so you grab for the plunger. Did you know that there’s a right way to use a plunger? If you don’t, you might find yourself wasting precious time trying to get the toilet to flush. Before you stick the plunger in the toilet, you owe it to yourself to learn the proper way to use it. Here are some step-by-step instructions that will help you get the most use out of your plunger. Read More»